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The Union of Imaginable Associations is a collective initiative that:

  • elicits imaginative possibilities and explores the coherence to which they may together give rise in practice -- the dynamics of their union;
  • favours the conceptually and creatively radical across all disciplines and ways of knowing;
  • has sympathies with the mindsets of scientific research, with technical innovation, experimental art, with the magic of Celtic and other cultures, with anarchistic ways of knowing (as promoted by such as Paul Feyerabend), and with the exciting possibilities evoked by cultural creatives and the New Age;
  • is open to the archetypal echoes of "lost languages", the knowledge of "golden eras" past , and the future potential exemplified by the Glass Bead Game;
  • is especially concerned with new ways of enacting the "pattern that connects" in the present moment (as promoted by such as Francisco Varela) and the subtle psycho-social nourishment that such imaginative patterns are able to channel and anchor;
  • is notably sensitive to "life as play and possibility" (as advocated by James Carse regarding "infinite games") and to insights more adequately carried by music and the other arts.

This initiative is consistent with the need to explore subtler and more dynamic approaches to organization, beyond the unfocused "vision" of "networking" or "knowledge management". The issues are articulated in Consciously Self-reflexive Global Initiatives: Renaissance zones, complex adaptive systems, and third order organizations. The initiative is complementary to three others -- each accessible via the logo above -- mutually counter-balancing echoes of a central process in the moment and beyond time. Together these form an emerging, overarching union of interweaving processes: a potential "pattern that connects". The challenge to comprehension is discussed elsewhere (Dynamic Reframing of "Union": implications for the coherence of knowledge, social organization and personal identity).

These issues are further clarified in a table interrelating the four initiatives (In Quest of "Meta-Union"?). The nature of any union of significance is therefore not predefined by any form of understanding but is progressively and continually to be (re)discovered in time. Indeed, since "yoga" signifies "union" (in Sanskrit), the corollary may be that the challenge of any "union" of significance implies some form of "yoga".

Frequently asked questions about this initiative are addressed in a FAQ. The web address of this site (www.un-imagine.org) also offers a caution against overly hasty assumptions -- as discussed separately